BBQs and Patio Furniture

After a tremendous about of planning and long deliveries, the barbeques and furniture in the back patio area have now been replaced. Please be reminded the barbeques are not propane and are piped into the building gas supply. They do have timers and we ask that you carefully read the instructions on how to use them. We would ask that you please keep the following in mind and enjoy!


When you are finished with the BBQ, please ensure that you have not only turned off all burners, but also turned off the main gas valve located behind. Please keep the area clean after use for the next person to enjoy. NEVER replace the cover when the BBQ is still hot.

How to use:

To turn on main gas valve, ensure the yellow handle is in the open position ( O on the handle ), and the blue handle to the BBQ you wish to use in the open position ( O on the handle ). Each bbq has its own blue valve, valve on the left if for the left side when facing the bbq and right valve is for the right side bbq when facing the bbq.

Set timer to desired time by turning clockwise to the number indicated on the face of the timer clock.

Open BBQ lid, turn on burners and click the electric start to ignite the burners.

Once complete with BBQ usage, ensure burners are turned fully off, turn blue valve to off position ( S on the handle ), Turn timer clock to zero. Eat your bbq'd food, clean up and enjoy.

When finished

Lastly, when finished with the BBQs or Patio Area, please leave the area as you found it or better, including putting furniture back in its original arrangement.

We hope all owners enjoy the use of the BBQ's and furniture in the back area.