extractor fans

Extractor fans. To improve efficiency and avoid fire hazards, residents should routinely dust/clean the extractor fans in bathroom ceilings. Make sure fans are turned off first before removing cover. For added safety, turn the appropriate trip-switch off in the electrical panel in your hallway. Most fan covers can be pried carefully a couple of inches away from the ceiling - after which the spring mechanism can be detached and reattached the same way after cleaning. Take care not to force the spring mechanism to ensure that it closes firmly against the ceiling afterwards.

replacing bathroom fixture light bulb

Several people have asked how to change the bulb in the standard bathroom fixture that was installed by the builder. This fixture is a hanging white frosted glass globe. To access the bulb, pull directly down on the glass globe with one hand while holding the metal "lid" of the globe with the other hand. Pull firmly but gently so as not to break the glass. When you have pulled the globe several centimetres away from the "lid", you will be able to see two spring clips in the gap. Squeeze these spring clips so that they don't snap back unexpectedly, while pulling the globe the rest of the way. After you have replaced the bulb, pull the spring clips down again, and slide the glass globe back over them into its original position.