Balcony Railing Repairs Starting Monday, January 14th

It has been determined that some or all of the Balcony Railings were installed with factory defects. Repairs are therefore required on an urgent basis. For safety reasons please do not go out on the balcony until repairs are completed. Entry to every unit will be required over the next five weeks depending on the weather and other factors. Doran Contractors will start repairs on the 22nd floor, south side units and work downwards. Residents will be contacted by phone with the day and time access to their unit will be required. If the lock(s) on your door have been changed, please contact the Superintendent, Mariano – 613-241-7900 and arrange to provide a duplicate copy of the new key(s). The cooperation of all residents is needed to ensure that repairs progress expeditiously. Please watch for further notices. If you have questions please contact PPM Group at 613-523-9716, during regular hours. You can also email Rory.