Attention Dog Owners

dog mess problem in front of daycare

It has come to our attention that individual(s) are not cleaning up after their dogs in the vicinity of the daycare playground on George Street that neighbors the phase 3 building. This is a concern for the daycare operators, for obvious reasons. The incidence of this problem has increased sharply since the completion of The East Market buildings. This should be of concern to all dog owners living in The East Market, as we run the risk of loosing access to this green area if the problem continues. While we're sure that most of dog owners from The East Market are cleaning up after their dogs, we'd like to remind everyone the importance of being good neighbors in this respect.

dogs urinating against the buildings

This has been a problem. Again, the source of the problem may not be limited to dogs living in The East Market. Nonetheless, please prevent your dog from urinating against the buildings.