annual general meeting & board elections

The phase 1 Annual General Meeting will take place at 7:00pm on January 8th in the party/event room.

AGM Packages

Very shortly, all owners will receive the standard package for the Annual General Meeting.This will include the auditor’s report, financial statements and the proposed budget for the year.

Vote on Gym Improvements

The gym improvement is the most visible project that the Phase I Board has embarked on to date and, as such, it has garnered a lot of attention from owners. In order to give all owners a full and equal opportunity to have a say in this decision, and be absolutely certain that whichever course is taken is per the desires of the majority of owners, the AGM agenda will include the matter of voting on whether or not to proceed with the proposed expenditures to improve the gym, games lounge and meeting room spaces.

Voting by Proxy

You will also receive the normal proxy forms that you can use to vote if you will be unable to attend the meeting in person. We strongly encourage everyone to either attend, or to fill a proxy form. The AGM meetings are a significant opportunity for everyone to become informed about the issues of importance to owners and also to shape the future of our community.

Upcoming Board Elections

There are two positions on the phase 1 Board of Directors to which members will be elected during our upcoming AGM. Given Kenny Golanowski and Danica Doucette-Preville stepped in to replace board members who had to step down, their positions will be up for election at this time.

Interested in Learning More?

If you think you may be interested in joining the Board, we welcome you to contact any of the board members to learn more about the details of being on the Board. You can reach us at the email addresses below, or by contacting the property manager, Mike Murphy.

Publication of Candidates

Interested candidates may choose to have their name and address included in the notice of the AGM. If you wish to be included in this notice, please notify the board on or before December 1st. Note that even if you do not notify the board prior to December 1st, you may still choose to announce your candidacy at any time up to and including the evening of the AGM.