Annual Fire Alarm Testing


Please be advised that Superior Safety Inc. will be testing the entire fire alarm system at 180 York St. and 383 Cumberland on:

Wednesday May 9th 2012 and Thursday May 10th 2012

Between the hours of:

9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT ALL UNITS BE ACCESSIBLE AT THIS TIME. Superior Safety will require entrance into your unit to determine that the heat detector and smoke detector in each unit is working. The Corporation is required by the Ontario Fire Marshall's office to complete this inspection in all units at this time and notify the Corporation’s insurance holder of the same.

Wewillbeusingthebuildingmasterkeytogainaccesstoyourunitifyouarenothome. Someunitsarenoton the master key system, so we ask that you ensure that a key has been supplied to the Superintendent via the site office in order that Gabe can gain access to your unit with the technician. Please be advised that we cannot allow appointments or guarantee the time in which the inspection will occur in a unit. Unfortunately if access is denied any charges incurred by the corporation will be levied against the unit owner and treated the same as a common unit fee.

During testing, the fire bells will be heard ringing throughout the building. Please disregard them during the time period stated above. Should the alarm sound during hours other than those specified above, we would ask that you treat the alarm as an actual fire.

The safety of every resident as well as securing the financial investment of each owner is the basis on which this testing will be carried without exceptions. With everyone’s cooperation The East Market Phase I & Phase II will be a safe place to call home. We thank you for your co-operation in this matter.


Your Management Team