Amenity Room Project Update

The Boards of Directors would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. We are pleased to inform you that work on the amenity room maintenance and improvement project will be proceeding this winter. This work will require closure of the amenity rooms at various times in the coming months. To allow the work to proceed smoothly and limit disruption to everyone, we aim to keep the Gym closure to a minimum (hopefully only a single day); the Meeting Room and Games/Lounge will be unavailable for the majority of work time. The project will proceed in four stages. Stage 1 has begun (the week of January 14th). As we proceed through the project, we will advise residents about the specific dates for the other stages. For your information, please take note of the following.

Underway at Present:

Stage 1: Groundwork
During this stage:
  • Existing Gym: will be fully open and unaffected
  • Games Lounge: open
  • Meeting Room: unavailable effective the week of January 14th until further notice

To Be Scheduled:

Stage 2: Preparation of the new gym space
During this stage:
Stage 3: Gym equipment relocation day
During this stage:
Stage 4: Preparation of new Meeting Room and Games Lounge spaces
During this stage: At the end of Stage 4, all rooms will be fully accessible and available. The amenity room project design boards will be available for viewing in the Phase II main floor hallway leading to the gym.