amenity improvement project

Note: This notice is also being distributed in written form to all phase 1 and 2 owners / occupants.

Annually, the Boards spend a large portion of time attending to facilities maintenance across a wide spectrum of concerns – from mechanical to sanitation, from parking to service elements, from the routine to the emergency. Often responding to these needs remains largely invisible.

But with the “front of shop” projects, visibility is key…they address our need to live in not only a safe and secure home, but one that provides comfort, gives us pride and reveals the benefit of living here. And in the longer-term, ensures that we stand out among the other condominium offerings, maintaining and augmenting our property values.

We’ve all heard from neighbours and been involved in corridor conversations about the wish list of changes – better use of amenity rooms, more gym equipment, coats of paint, new hall carpets, new colours, better landscaping, a party room that lives up to its name, more gardens, a functioning back patio…

Not everything can be done at once – planning is needed to ensure it’s approached logically, that the associated one-time costs are kept within our means and give priority to what might benefit the most residents. Over the past several months, Board members have been engaged with these issues, working with a couple of designers. The Boards will be holding an open house which will provide residents and owners with more information on the results of this work.


Scope of the Project

Existing Cumberland Street-side Amenity Rooms: Diagram A
1) Existing meeting room
2) Existing games room
3) Existing games room
4) Existing cardio & stretching room
5) Existing free weight & weight machine


New Gym Facilities: Diagram B

1) New free weight & stretching room 2) New weight machine room 3) New cardio room


much improved appearance inside & out  •  privacy and light  •  increased space  •  separate free weight / floor mat area  •  durable flooring  •  eco-sensitive materials

This is a fresh new space that allows users to be inspired and invoke energy while using this facility.

Introducing new paint, flooring and a new window treatment allows for a natural, yet simple transformation that will enhance the East Market community. By selectingw environmentally responsible and sustainable finishes for these spaces, the East Market Condominiums makes further advances towards becoming an environmentally conscious building.

The selected paint for this project is SICO, a low-VOC product. SICO aims to reduce the amount of volatile organic compound (VOC) off-gassing common to many paint products on the market. Being that this paint will be applied in a space where people are physically active, indoor air quality is a key concern.

The new floor for this space is cost-effective and environmentally sustainable. FORBO linoleum flooring is manufactured from renewable materials including: linseed oil; wood flour; jute and ecologically responsible pigment.

A new window treatment has been selected for this project. 3M Window Films, once installed, will afford privacy to those using these spaces while bringing an attractive consistent modern look to the building when viewed from the street. These window films reduce the sun’s harmful UV rays by up to 99%, while reducing excessive interior heat gain. Not only will this window treatment provide an increased level of privacy and comfort, but it will also translate into energy savings.


New Lounge/Games Room and New Meeting Room: Diagram C

4) New games/lounge room 5) New meeting room


pool table  •  seating area  •  tv  •  improved appearance

Reuse, reduce and recycle. These two rooms have proven to be cost-effective in their redesign by reusing existing elements, enhancing the buildings’ sustainability and by introducing environmentally friendly products and features.

The new games/lounge room is a space that is comfortable, private, rich and warm with colour. By reusing existing furniture and games equipment, all that is required to transform this space is the addition of art, wall colour and a new window treatment to give this space impact, while creating a private place to relax with friends free from the peering eyes of the outside world.

The new meeting room is a simple space which provides a more comfortable working environment intended to enhance productivity and minimize distractions from the city streetscape. It will be enhanced with new paint, new storage solutions and a new window treatment consistent with the new gym and new games/lounge room.

Information Session/Open House


Estimated Costs

In keeping with the Ontario Condominium Act (1998) (the Act), this project will commence 30 days from the date of this Notice, i.e. on December 1, 2007. If however, either of the Boards of Directors for Phase I or Phase II receive notice from a minimum of 15% of unit owners (entitled to vote) requesting that a meeting be convened to discuss the project, a meeting would be called for this purpose. Please refer to the attached excerpts from the Act:

If you have questions, we encourage you to contact a member of your Board.

We look forward to seeing you Wednesday, November 14th, and discussing this exciting new project with you.


The Boards of Directors
Phase I (OCSCC 668) and Phase II (OCSCC 676)
The East Market Condominiums

1 Shared Facilities Agreement,
2 Condominium Act (1998), Article VI,
3 Condominium Act (1998), Article IV,


Article VI. OPERATION: Changes to Common Elements and Assets

Section 97

(3) Changes made on notice.

A corporation may make an addition, alteration or improvement to the common elements, a change in the assets of the
corporation or a change in a service that the corporation provides to the owners if,

a. the corporation has sent a notice to the owners that,
i) describes the proposed addition, alteration, improvement or change,
ii) contains a statement of the estimated cost of the proposed addition, alteration, improvement or change indicating the manner in which the corporation proposes to pay the cost,
iii) specifies that the owners have the right, in accordance with section 46 and within 30 days of receiving the notice, to requisition a meeting of owners, and
iv) contains a copy of section 46 and this section[97(3)]; and

b. one of the following conditions has been met:
i) The owners have not requisitioned a meeting in accordance with section 46 within 30 days of receiving a notice under clause (a).
ii) The owners have requisitioned a meeting in accordance with section 46 within 30 days of receiving a notice under clause (a) but have not voted against the proposed addition, alteration, improvement or change at the meeting.
1998, c. 19, s. 97(3).


Article IV. CORPORATION: Owners

Section 46

(1) Requisition for meeting.

A requisition for a meeting of owners may be made by those owners who at the time the Board receives the requisition, own at least 15 per cent of the units, are listed in the record maintained by the corporation under subsection 47(2) and are entitled to vote. 1998, c. 19, s. 46(1).

(2) Form of requisition.

The requisition shall,
a) be in writing and be signed by the requisitionist;
b) state the nature of the business to be presented at the meeting; and
c) be delivered personally or by registered mail to the president or secretary of the Board or deposited at the address for service of the corporation. 1998, c. 19, s. 46(2).

(3) Same, removal of directors.

If the nature of the business to be presented at the meeting includes the removal of one or more of the directors, the requisition shall state, for each director who is proposed to be removed, the name of the director, the reasons for the removal and whether the director occupies a position on the Board that under subsection 51(6) is reserved for voting by owners of owner-occupied units. 1998, c. 19, s. 46(3).

(4) Duty of Board.

Upon receiving a requisition mentioned in subsection (1), the Board shall,
a) if the requisitionist so requests in the requisition or consent in writing, add the business to be presented at the meeting to the agenda of items for the next annual general meeting; or
b) otherwise call and hold a meeting of owners within 35 days. 1998, c. 19, s. 46(4).

(5) Non-compliance.

If the Board does not comply with subsection (4), a requisitionist may call a meeting of owners which shall be held within 45 days of the day on which the meeting is called. 1998, c. 19, s. 46(5).

(6) Reimbursement of cost.

Upon request, the corporation shall reimburse a requisitionist who calls a meeting under subsection (5) for the reasonable costs incurred in calling the meeting.
1998, c. 19, s. 46(6).