2007 Phase 1 Survey Results

The survey of residents was to discover what was working well in the condo and what was important to residents in order to guide the decisions of the elected condo board. Over 1/5 of residents sent in their feedback. The results showed that the 3 most important things were: a) budget b) safety/ security and c) maintenance. Least important was "fostering a sense of community". People were most satisfied with a) dealings with the superintendent b) cleaning c) mantainance. These each were rated on average over 4/5 in importance. Written comments had some patterns, for example, they confirm that owners are interested in the installation of individual meters for hydro, which should help in reducing condo fees in units where people are energy conscious. There were some concerns about the appearance of retail for curb appeal. Repeated comments also included confusion over visitor parking, elevator functioning and switching or rearranging functions of the games, meeting room and gym. Any concerns should be brought to the attention of the board members.