balconies & terraces

photo of friends at patio tableAs per the condo Declarations, balconies and terraces (other than the terraces of units 308 and 309 in phase 1 and 303 and 304 in phase 2) are common elements. However, each unit owner/resident has exclusive use of any balconies or terraces belonging to their unit.

please help keep our condo looking tidy and presentable

  • Only seasonal furniture is permitted on the balconies. Balconies should not be used as storage areas for any items, including bicycles.
  • Exterior aerials, antennas or satellite dishes are not permitted

guard against falling or dropped items

  • Do not throw anything from the balconies.
  • Beer bottles have been falling from the balconies. Obviously this is hazardous; also the broken glass will be dangerous to Terrace users. Please ensure that bottles and other items do not roll off your balcony.
  • Cigarette butts and matches thrown from balconies have lead to damage on people's balconies - and on one occasion started a fire in the Terrace area. Please be safe and do not throw things off the balconies.


Please be aware that noise on the balconies is much more noticeable to your neighbours. Be considerate and help make our building enjoyable for everyone by keeping the noise level to a minimum. All residents and visitors are bound by the Ottawa Noise Bylaw (see more details in Section 2.16).


phases 1 and 2
Electric barbecues are permitted on balconies and terraces. No charcoal or propane barbecues or heaters are permitted.
phase 3
Due to the fire hazard, smoke and smell, barbecues are not allowed on phase 3 balconies.

carpets and floor coverings

Carpets or other floor coverings, if they retain moisture, can lead to deterioration of the concrete. Experience in other condos has shown that the moisture retained is detrimental to the concrete, and considerable repair costs will be incurred by all of us once this happens.
phases 1 and 2
Carpets are not permitted on balconies.
phase 3
If you need a covering, indoor-outdoor carpeting is preferable, and never glue them to the concrete. And please make sure that there is no water retention underneath. Remember to remove floor coverings when winter comes.
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