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Building access and security

Security features at the EM include:
  • The building entrances and elevator lobbies at each of the three parking levels are equipped with proximity key fobs. To unlock the door just hold the fob close to the card reader. For more information, please refer to key fobs.
  • An enterphone (vistor entry system) system is located at three points in the building: the entry vestibule, the entry to the garage (Cumberland Street), and the building entrance at P1 where visitor parking is located. Using the land line telephone in your unit, you press 6 to open the entry or garage door from which your visitor has called you.
  • The entrance vestibule, the garage door entry and visitor parking entry also contain video cameras which allow you to use your television to view who is calling. To use this feature, please tune in Channel 69 or 998 for Rogers Cable subscribers and channel 19 for Bell ExpressVu subscribers. When you view either of these channels you will note that the screen is split to allow for simultaneous viewing of all three entry points.
  • Access to the underground garage is either by remote control using a garage door opener provided to each owner of a parking space or by key fob. Please note that once in the garage you will need to use the key fob to access the elevator lobby. The exit stairs in the garage only provide access to the outside so that if someone inappropriately gains access to the garage they cannot access the rest of the building.
Not withstanding the above security features, building security ultimately relies on resident vigilance. Always watch whether someone is entering the building behind you and remain at the garage door entrance until the door is closed to ensure no one gains access this way. Finally, do not let in unidentified persons by way of the enterphone system. See also building access & security.

Visitor parking

Visitor parking is available in a combined visitor parking area located on P1 of the Phase 3 building. For rules and procedures governing visitors parking, refer to Visitor Parking Instructions.

Garbage and recycling

As an environmental conscious development, the buildings are equipped with a recycling system that allows for easy separation at each floor of garbage, paper and containers. With a push of a button at your floor's garbage chute door, the system directs itself to the proper container in the ground floor garbage room. For more information, refer to garbage & recycling.


Furniture and equipment shall be moved into or out of the building only by booking the elevator Monday to Saturday, from 10 am to 4 pm, and 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. All moves must be booked ahead of time. Contact the Superintendent to book your move by completing the appropriate forms. For more information, refer to moving.