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Kahrs Beech Builder laminate flooring
We have the original Kahrs Beech Builder laminate flooring provided by Kraus, through Lamont Flooring, in our unit. It has significantly deteriorated- there is cupping, warping and some delamination. We have filed a customer complaint with Kraus, the product supplier been trying to resolve this issue with Kraus for some tine now. The unit was inspected in March 2015 and again in January 2016. We have just heard from Kraus that Kahrs, the manufacturer, has declined our claim due to poor environmental conditions in the unit. Kahrs requires that the relative humidity levels must be maintained between 30-60 % whereas the measured humidity level in our unit was 15-16 % at time of inspection.They have stated that damage due to poor environmental; conditions are a warranty exclusion. If any one else has had a similar experience, your comments and experience would be appreciated.