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Bathroom tub Replacement Parts - Rain shower, faucet set

Hi, can anyone provide advice on how to go about getting replacement parts for the bathroom tub fixtures?  im trying to replace the assembly components of the faucet.  the version we have has the diverter for the rain shower.  any help/direction would really be appreciated!! thank you. shawn

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Re:Bathroom tub Replacement Parts - Rain shower, faucet set
Did you have any success replacing your tub faucet components? We have the same set-up, I think, and some of the water which should be diverting to the rain shower is coming out the "wand" or movable sprayer. So far it is tolerable, but I would like to fix it. If you have found a source of parts, I would appreciate knowing where and if you were able to repair it. Thank you. My email is pencentral@gmail.com. - Judy